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Fabric Essentials: Wool

Introducing a new training series designed to teach you how to create high quality, versatile, procedural wool fabric textures in Substance Designer.

Check out the Example Fabric Company Website

See all of the textures in action on an example product page for a wool product startup called “One Stitch At A Time”.

High Quality Accurate Wool Textures

Learn everything you need to know in order to create your own wool patterns. With the fundamentals taught in this series, you'll be able to break down any wool pattern and build it from scratch.

Designed to Teach Why

It's not enough to just learn what buttons to push. This series teaches you why these shapes go together and why particular nodes are better than others.

Build Your Skills

This series is designed to start with the fundamentals, then utilize them in multiple texture examples. Build on your skills with what you learned from the previous lesson so that they stick.

Chapter 1: Scarf

The first material we make is a scarf texture that has both the main wool knit pattern and the other side of that stitch called the garter stitch or purl stitch.

Chapter 2: Sweaters

We then build upon it to create a more intricate sweater design texture. We also talk about how to create the festive “Ugly Christmas Sweater” pattern where we can plug in any image into our graph and Substance Designer knits it into our sweater texture.

Chapter 3: Towel and Bathmat

The last section is about expanding what’s possible with the techniques we’ve learned so far. We first make a fuzzy towel texture, then expand upon that to create a “deep pile” rug/carpet or bathmat texture.

Adding a Splash of Color

In addition to the patterns, we also talk about how to easily add color to your textures.

Ready to create these awesome textures?