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We keep you warm, invent new trends, and create the best textures.

Create versatile looks and feels from basic concepts.

From Scarves to Sweaters

We provide a wide selection of wool apparel. Think of it as a wool ecosystem designed to keep you warm for the winter with a cool sense of style.

Exceptional Quality

Every piece of apparel comes from the finest quality wool. With procedural texture making, the sky's the limit! ...or maybe just your vram.

Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

Our Company Values

We believe in natural eco-friendly materials.

These materials are so local, you can find them right on your screen. By creating a library of wool fabrics, you can easily implement them into your designs. This training series can help you understand the core fundamentals so that once you've finished it, your imagination can run wild.

A Little Of Our Story

Without us there wouldn't be any tactile surfaces.

As texture artists and digital creators, we simply must create. With knowledge comes the power to build, to design, to improve, and to dream.

See The Training

Like What You See?

You can create textures like these by learning the fundamentals, techniques, and thinking behind creating procedural custom textures in Substance Designer.

Check Out The Training