I wanted to write a little about a new video series I’ve started on my YouTube channel called “Watch Me Work”. Its purpose is to share my creative process on little or parts of projects I am currently working on. I really enjoy getting the opportunity to sit next to someone and watch them work. I could (and admittedly have) watch them work for hours on websites that stream such as Twitch and YouTube.

There were two things I wanted to achieve with this series.

  1. Get better at recording myself and explaining what I’m doing onscreen.
  2. Share my creative process so that hopefully someone could pick up some new tips and tricks along the way.

The first one has already paid me dividends. After recording and editing my first episode, I’ve certainly picked up on a few things that I want to improve on the second. Mainly, the length of the episode is longer than what I anticipated. I think I got caught in the trap of teaching, when that is mainly reserved for tutorial videos. Which, by the way are coming soon! I found myself explaining almost every single thing I did down to the very keystroke and shortcut. Granted, I haven’t honed in on how much detail I’d like to share moment to moment, but I at least know that I want to find a better balance in order to keep the video at a more suitable length.

I did provide time codes for people to quickly skip around in the video description. In fact, it even helps me to find a section I did without having to scroll through and wait forever using the ship’s poor internet connection. Also, I have found that people like to put live streams from Twitch in the background as they work. This is another good use for such a video format.

As for the second, I found that recording my first WMW video really inspired my creativity. I picked a topic that I could easily think on my feet with and attack many problems from multiple angles. I realize that won’t always be the case, but it sure made this first one a heck of a lot easier to record.

I’m excited to see where this series goes. I think it fills a small gap in the videos available on YouTube that cover these topics. Sure there are tutorials out there, but they are designed to be short and either done step-by-step or to teach a concept. WMW videos go at a much slower pace, but come packed with little discoveries that I’ve made on my creative journey.

So what can you expect in future episodes? Well, right now I’m spending most of my creative efforts on making all of the assets for my videos. I’m talking about the short intros in front of each video series, lower thirds, popups, outros… In one of my previous videos I mentioned that I want to record the process of modeling on an old video camera for the intro to this very series. On top of that I’d like to branch out of modeling and into some other mediums such as texturing and creating 2D motion graphics.

Right now I’m learning what skills I need to harness in order to be a valuable member of the 3D artist and designer community. I want to document and share the thigns I’m learning as I discover what studios and clients want in a 3D generalist. This video series is a part of that. I hope you can learn something from my first video in the series! There are many more in the works. Here’s the first episode below.

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