Once you embark on your journey as a bonified singing sailor, you don’t just agree to singing full time. In addition, you agree to the full ship-life experience. When partaking in ship life, one doesn’t have a weekend. Instead, it’s known as WiFi Day. Granted, I completely understand the concept of enjoying the tranquility of separating from your phone and taking in the world around you, but after four full days of nothing but the vastness of ocean outside your porthole, a little influx of civilization can go a long way.

At least once every cruise, I and a bunch of my fellow cast-mates partake in the ritual of going to the closest café with the fastest WiFi available and download to our heart’s content. Everything from iTunes movie rentals, to Netflix series’ on our iPad gets loaded onto our devices in preparation for the inevitable “okay….what do I do now” time off onboard. Don’t forget to check the list you made on your phone in case you forgot something! Nothing beats the devastation of checking your music library only to discover that you forgot to make your latest playlist available offline.

It’s almost like getting mail… or maybe Christmas – waking up in the morning and checking your laptop for all of your downloaded goodies. If you do it right, you might not miss anything at all. With diligence, you could watch one or two episodes every night and space it out so that by the time you reach your next port, you’re ready for more. Unfortunately, encapsulating Netflix series’ make this extremely difficult. Especially when it comes to “The Crown” or “Daredevil”. And don’t get me started on “Abstract” the documentary series of the century.

You would think that this gets tiresome. You don’t get to check your Snapchat or Instagram feed to see what your friends are up to or the crazy day they had just yesterday. Instead, you have to stick to spending all of your smart phone and laptop time mainly in one concentrated dose. I suppose it is just a different way of life. You can still stay connected to people, it just takes a little longer.

My cast-mates and I have all become pros at this. We know all of the stores around the ports in Mexico and Hawaii, restaurants with quick service and amazing food, but most importantly, we know all of the great hotspots with the fastest internet.

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