It is hard to believe that I’ve been sailing around the world for five whole months! Time feels like it has been warped in a way that both makes rehearsals feel like yesterday and an eternity ago.

Right now, I am back home taking a quick break between ships. I am so thankful to be able to have this time off between contracts. This opportunity gives me the time to enjoy a change of pace and scene, while also giving me the luxury to start working on other projects. One of those projects is chronicling my first ship experience.

Between Hawaii and Mexico, I have so many articles to write. For once, I am not struggling to find something to write about. I’ve got a little under two months to take a quick breath of fresh air before I jump back in. But what am I going to do between now and then?

Videos! Yes, I know I’ve been promising to do more videos. I’ve promised myself, my friends, family, and the world that I am going to start making more videos again. My best excuse for not being able to do so has been simply laziness. And that is the worst excuse of all.

While I was cruising across the ocean, I took tons and tons of videos. I’m also excited to report that a majority of those videos are in 4K! My new iPhone has been such a useful tool. I jumped in to getting a bigger phone that usual, the iPhone 7 Plus. Along with it feeling more like a small computer due to its size, the camera is abolutely incredible. With all of these pictures and videos, I plan to make a short video series. I haven’t yet decided who the audience is going to be – but I’m working along the lines of a series for my friends and family to see what I’ve been doing, but also informative videos for people to watch if they’d like to travle to the destinations I have.

Along the lines of detailing my travels on YouTube, I also want to write about them on this blog. Now that the next year of my life will be lived on the sea, I’d like to shift the purpose of this website to not just be a representation of myself as an actor for others to look at when casting, but also a place for me to share my experiences and creations while I’m abroad. This is really an execution of what I have been planning for this website all along.

I want to write tutorials. I’d like to say that 85% of my downtime is saturated by watching video tutorials online. I’d even go so far as to spend most of my wifi days in port just downloading tutorials from YouTube in order to have things to inspire and educate me while I was at sea. With all of this knowledge and with all of the projects I have, I feel like I could contribute to this space by making tutorials of my own. Whether they will be in the form of videos, or written blog posts (or both) – who knows?

I’ve had about a week of rest and sleep (thank goodness), but now I’m ready to jump back into the projects I’ve had on my plate for quite some time. I’m excited to learn some more, and create some more – but mostly I’m just excited to get on with it.

Thanks for reading!

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