The secret’s out everyone, I have been living on a cruise ship for the last three months and I love it. Get ready for a bunch of new posts documenting my thoughts and adventures during this amazing time. Every single day, I wake up and cannot believe the position I am in. I’m performing, traveling, and learning so much. This post is the ice breaker “no pun intended PLEASE” to begin sharing my journey.

I thought I would start with a quick post answering a few questions. There is a lot more to come, trust me!

Where am I?

The ship is called the Grand Princess and is part of the Princess Cruises fleet. It is a 3,000 passenger beauty and has been sailing to Hawaii and Mexico.

What am I doing here?

I am one of four production vocalists on board. We do everything from perfom with the dancers in the four mainstage shows, to small entertainment events in the grand Piazza lobby.

What’s one thing I’ve learned while living on the ocean?

It is the perfect place to figure yourself out. I might be on a floating city, but there’s just enough space to discover more about myself on this crazy journey.

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This job could not come at a more perfect time. It is a great opportunity to keep doing what I love while also having time to keep up with my multitude of projects. Do not worry! You can bet there will be vlogs about my travels, and the app hasn’t gone anywhere. It is still very much in development.

I look forward to sharing a lot more in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

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