I’ve had a website for quite a long time. I used to write blog posts reviewing apps and technology in middle school and high scool. After graduating college, having a website became necessairy as an actor so that others could look at my previous work to help me find my next job. It’s been a year, and my website has already gone through two major revisions. The first happened because it felt too limiting in what kind of content the site could provide, and in the end, did not reflect me as a person. The second is because of the same reasons. Sure, it started to look more like a website that reflects my personality, but it still felt limiting on what kind of content I could post. This time is going to be different.

What am I looking for?

My goal is to have a website that is a central hub for all things…me! I want a one-stop-shop that shows all of my writings, media, news, and projects. The tricky part has been combining my theatre career with my other interests. Someone who wants to see my show photos and get all of my latest theatre news should be able to find exactly what they are looking for just as easy as someone who wants to learn about my resume app development project.

This is not an easy task. The reason why I haven’t been able to blog and express as much as I want is because I never know where to put something. Seems silly, but it’s true! I want to post a bunch of photos that I’ve taken today, but I don’t want to clog my Instagram account with a bunch of the same thing. If I found a link to a neat website but want to say more about it than what a tweet can hold, where can I talk about it? Facebook?

I enjoy using social media, but somtimes I just want to express myself and write it all out with complete thoughts and paragraphs. So what’s the space designed for something longer than a tweet, but shorter than something found in a journal or say…Medium?

The answer.

A blog! Not just any blog though, a blog built into my entire website. This way, I can organize all of my shows, photos, news, links, videos, music, quotes, and opinions all in once place. Organize is the main word there. With something like a “content management system (CMS)” in place such as the one you are looking at right now, everything is managed and accessable. Looking for a show I did in Connecticut? Just tap the magnifying glass above and type in “Connecticut”. You’ll find the answer.

This system also makes things a zillion times easier for me. I can add in a show I’ve done with all of it’s corresponding news/reviews/photos/memories with ease, and the CMS makes it look nice. THANK GOODNESS!

To the future!

This answer means more content, and I am excited to finally get to do what I’ve been wanting to do with my very own website. Stay tuned for more content very soon!

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